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Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Image result for moustache     I feel that moustaches are cool. I think that they represent manhood and maturity. I think that it is not a trend. I think that they represent cleanliness and patience. This is because moustaches require maintenance and neatness. Moustaches also shows restraint because it takes a long time to create a moustache as beautiful as this one here.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

That's A LOT of Mirrors!

Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors
Prediction: I predict that Charlie will got to the Castle of Mirrors with Billy. I know this because in the chapter before, Charlie and Billy plan to ride the Queen to the Castle of Mirrors. I think that this is good because maybe Charlie can find his dad in the Castle of Mirrors. I am really excited to see what happens next.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Three Reasons Why The Giver Movie is Better Than the Book.

 I think that the Giver was better as the movie instead of the book. Usually, I always agree that the book is better than the movie because of the description of all the action and, if the book is written in first person, you can hear their thoughts in the book, unlike the movie. But, I think the Giver movie was better than the Giver book for three reasons. One of the reasons is that the movie had way more action and suspense, that was left out of the Giver book. Secondly, in the Giver movie, the children's are aged from 12 to 16, thus making it possible for more romance throughout the movie. Lastly, the Giver movie out matches the Giver book because the movie made changes that changed the movie positively. 

The first reason that the Giver book is better than the book is the added action between Jonas and the Community. The movie had more suspense, like when Jonas jumped off the side of the Community on the motorcycle with Gabriel. The movie also made the Chief Elder a villain, because she wanted Jonas eliminated because he was a "threat to their society". Asher was also turned against Jonas against his will, but he turned on the Community, just like Fiona did. I think the added action and rivalries against friends make the movie better than the book.

     The second positive thing about the book is how they changed the ages of the main characters to make more things possible, such as getting in trouble, romance,and action such as fights and battles. But the main reason, I think, that the kid's ages were changed is so romance is possible. I mean, it would be a little awkward if they were both 12 instead of 16. Unlike the book, the movie makes a romance between Fiona and Jonas, which I think is better than no romance.

     Lastly, I think the movie is better than the book because of some of the positive changes they made to the movie. One example is giving Fiona the job of Nurturer, instead of Caretaker of the Old. I think that made the movie more screen friendly; seeing cute chubby babies instead of naked old people being washed. I also highly prefer the end of the movie to the end of the book. The book's ending doesn't really give us an idea of what happened to Jonas, Gabriel, and the Community. But in the movie, Jonas and Gabe pass the evident boarder of memory, and the movie shows that the memories are and colors are returned to the people of the Community. In the end of the movie, it also shines hope that Jonas and Gabe really do make it to a house outside the boarder.    

     Out of the Giver book and movie, I personally prefer the movie over the book because the movie had way more action, the characters were aged up, and the movie had positive changes that affected the movie greatly.

What, A Shapeshifter!

Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy
Reaction: I loved this book because it has many twists and turns and always leaves you hanging.  Other people should only read if they have read the books before this in the series. I think that this book was great and I would have done the same as Jenny Nimmo.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

What????? A Snake With Feathers!!!!!!

Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy
Prediction:I predict that Charlie will find Ollie Sparks and make him visible again.I know this because in the chapter before, Emma and Charlie discover where he is. Someone else should only read this book if they have read the previous books, otherwise it won't make sense. I think that this book could not be made better, I would have done the same.

Monday, April 03, 2017

It's A Beast!

Charlie Bone and The Beast
React: I love this book because it creates many unexpected surprises that keep you on the edge of your seat. Other people should read it because it brings you into an amazing world of magic and mysteries.I think that this book is great and couldn't be better.I would have done the same thing.

Friday, March 03, 2017

A New Way Of Seeing...

A New Way of Seeing
My grandma is short and caring. She has puffy, black hair and carries around some knitting material in her purse. Her face is covered with wrinkles and she likes to sit in her chair.She likes to wear flowery clothes and has trouble getting up stairs. She speaks fluent Mandarin and understands a little English. She is very intelligent, kind hearted, and loves to teach and help others.

It started when we were going to come back to SLO from LA. I remembered that I had to complete an interview. So before we left, I asked my grandma if I could interview her really quick. So then she said that she would be happy to get interviewed especially if it was required for school. She is really supportive of doing work and working hard at school. So then before we left, I began my interview.

The first question that I asked her was,”What was your childhood like?” So then my cousin translated to her. Then my grandma answered my question in Mandarin and my cousin translated it to this,”I lived in a cold area where ice froze everywhere. I was so cold that it could even freeze a door shut. And when I was born, the door was frozen and would not budge. Then after I was born, the ice melted so I was named in Mandarin, Melting Snow. Later on as I grew up, I would play with my dad and I was very happy. I would do chores all around the house and helped my family make food such as dumplings and noodles. I had four siblings, two brothers and two sisters, and lots of pets which include lambs, birds, silkworms, dogs, ducks, cats, and chickens.I really enjoyed school also.” Then I followed up inquiring,” Why did you enjoy school?” Then after my cousin translated, my grandma replied in Mandarin saying,”Because I enjoyed learning and I had lots of friends.”

Then I asked my second question which was,” Why did you move to America?”
This she could understand and said in Mandarin,” My family had lived a poor, uncomfortable life. We had an outhouse for a bathroom which was disgusting. Since I did not want my children to live a horrible life like that, I took them to come to America, where we had a chance to be wealthy and live good life.”  So then I asked her,”What else made you decide to leave Taiwan?” So then she replied saying,” In Taiwan if you were older than thirteen, then you would be drafted to go to the military and I wanted my children to live the best lives possible. And my oldest child was twelve years old already. So I knew that we would have to leave soon. So I quit my job as a teacher, which lasted fifteen years, and took my children to America so they could live a better life.

Then I asked a third question which was,”What was it like to move to America?” My grandma understood this and replied quickly in Mandarin and responded saying,”It was very scary and everyone was worried because grandpa got sick. We had no money so we worked and struggled to make money for us and our children. Eventually, we lived in a simple 2 bed apartment and worked very hard to support our family and even the children worked as well. So then I followed up asking,” Did you think that the live here was better than your life back in Taiwan?” She then replied,” At first I thought about how good we had it, but later on when our life became better and my children became smarter, I realized that this life was better than any life we had back then.”

Then I asked my fourth question which was,” How did you and your family support each other?” So she then said,”At first we opened a Chinese restaurant which was not very good and only lasted for about 1 year. Then we opened up a sandwich shop called Al’s Sandwich Shop which lasted for about five to six years. After that we started a video store which was good for about six years. Then I went to school for acupuncture for about five years. Then I became an acupuncturist for only two years. But then because of high blood pressure, I retired my job and my children began to make money to support their families.” So then I asked her,”What did you do at the video store and the restaurant?” Then she replied saying,” I rewinded and organized all the tapes in the video shop, and at the restaurant I cooked, served, was the cashier, and basically did everything in general.

Finally I concluded asking,”Where were some places that you lived in in America?” She then said,”We came and settled down in LA and we haven’t left ever since. LA has been my home ever since I moved here.” So then I asked her,” Where would you live if you could live anywhere?” After that she thought for a little bit then said,” I would want to live right here with all the ones that I love with me.

After gathering this information from my grandma, I saw what kind of life she lived and saw how she was a determined, hardworking, and smart person. She had lived a tough life which forced her to improvise and set a good example for her children. After interviewing her, I had found a new way of seeing.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

How Does it Work???

How do self driving cars work: A self-driving car is capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input. To accomplish this task, each vehicle is usually built with a GPS unit, an inertial navigation system, and a range of sensors including laser rangefinders, radar, and video.  The vehicle uses positional information from the GPS and inertial navigation system to localize itself and sensor data to refine its position estimate as well as to build a three-dimensional image of its environment.Data from each sensor is filtered to remove noise and often fused with other data sources to replicate the original image. How the vehicle subsequently uses this data to make navigation decisions is determined by its control system.Once the vehicle decides the best path to take, the decision is dissected into commands, which are given to the vehicle’s actuators. These actuators control the vehicle’s steering, braking and throttle.This process of localization, mapping, obstacle avoidance and path planning is repeated multiple times each second on powerful on-board processors until the vehicle reaches its destination.