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Monday, January 08, 2018


Is more ever enough?
I think that for me it is. I may want a few more things in life, but not a lot. Some people however are incredibly greedy and want everything under the sun. They get what they want and want more and more.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Veldt Pre-Response

Image result for veldtRecently I have been asking my parents for data and a normal phone. At the moment I only have an old flip phone that is the same model as my grandma's. I wouldn't say that I want it more than anything in the world, but I still want it pretty badly.
If rooms could show feelings and thoughts, then everything I feel would be plain and I wouldn't be able to conceal any thoughts and/or emotions.
I think that the phrase is incorrect. For example, if your child is a spoiled brat who has done nothing, do they really deserve anything they want? However, if your child is a hard worker and determined to get what they want, then they deserve anything.

Definition of veld

a grassland especially of southern Africa usually with scattered shrubs or trees

Monday, October 02, 2017

Closed or Open Adoption?

Closed or Open Adoption?
     I think that the child should decide whether they want a closed or open adoption. For example if the child only wants to ask questions about their genetics, then they can choose to open the adoption. However if the child holds a grudge and/or harsh feelings toward the parents, then they may choose to close the adoption. But if the child is still young and not ready to make thought out decisions, then the adoptive parents should decide for their child. I think that the child may possibly have a semi-open adoption. This would mean that the child may ask questions without knowing who is responding.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Image result for moustache     I feel that moustaches are cool. I think that they represent manhood and maturity. I think that it is not a trend. I think that they represent cleanliness and patience. This is because moustaches require maintenance and neatness. Moustaches also shows restraint because it takes a long time to create a moustache as beautiful as this one here.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

That's A LOT of Mirrors!

Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors
Prediction: I predict that Charlie will got to the Castle of Mirrors with Billy. I know this because in the chapter before, Charlie and Billy plan to ride the Queen to the Castle of Mirrors. I think that this is good because maybe Charlie can find his dad in the Castle of Mirrors. I am really excited to see what happens next.

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Three Reasons Why The Giver Movie is Better Than the Book.

 I think that the Giver was better as the movie instead of the book. Usually, I always agree that the book is better than the movie because of the description of all the action and, if the book is written in first person, you can hear their thoughts in the book, unlike the movie. But, I think the Giver movie was better than the Giver book for three reasons. One of the reasons is that the movie had way more action and suspense, that was left out of the Giver book. Secondly, in the Giver movie, the children's are aged from 12 to 16, thus making it possible for more romance throughout the movie. Lastly, the Giver movie out matches the Giver book because the movie made changes that changed the movie positively. 

The first reason that the Giver book is better than the book is the added action between Jonas and the Community. The movie had more suspense, like when Jonas jumped off the side of the Community on the motorcycle with Gabriel. The movie also made the Chief Elder a villain, because she wanted Jonas eliminated because he was a "threat to their society". Asher was also turned against Jonas against his will, but he turned on the Community, just like Fiona did. I think the added action and rivalries against friends make the movie better than the book.

     The second positive thing about the book is how they changed the ages of the main characters to make more things possible, such as getting in trouble, romance,and action such as fights and battles. But the main reason, I think, that the kid's ages were changed is so romance is possible. I mean, it would be a little awkward if they were both 12 instead of 16. Unlike the book, the movie makes a romance between Fiona and Jonas, which I think is better than no romance.

     Lastly, I think the movie is better than the book because of some of the positive changes they made to the movie. One example is giving Fiona the job of Nurturer, instead of Caretaker of the Old. I think that made the movie more screen friendly; seeing cute chubby babies instead of naked old people being washed. I also highly prefer the end of the movie to the end of the book. The book's ending doesn't really give us an idea of what happened to Jonas, Gabriel, and the Community. But in the movie, Jonas and Gabe pass the evident boarder of memory, and the movie shows that the memories are and colors are returned to the people of the Community. In the end of the movie, it also shines hope that Jonas and Gabe really do make it to a house outside the boarder.    

     Out of the Giver book and movie, I personally prefer the movie over the book because the movie had way more action, the characters were aged up, and the movie had positive changes that affected the movie greatly.

What, A Shapeshifter!

Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy
Reaction: I loved this book because it has many twists and turns and always leaves you hanging.  Other people should only read if they have read the books before this in the series. I think that this book was great and I would have done the same as Jenny Nimmo.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

What????? A Snake With Feathers!!!!!!

Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy
Prediction:I predict that Charlie will find Ollie Sparks and make him visible again.I know this because in the chapter before, Emma and Charlie discover where he is. Someone else should only read this book if they have read the previous books, otherwise it won't make sense. I think that this book could not be made better, I would have done the same.